EasyRad is a browser application that allows you to fill out radiology report templates and to copy the result as plain text into the clipboard for further processing. The templates must comply with the IHE Radiology Technical Framework Supplement Management of Radiology Report Templates (MRRT).



The software is published as Open Source under der AGPL 3.0 license. The project is hosted on GitHub under the name hacklaen/EasyRad and can be downloaded there.

An online version is available here.


The applications presents a simple user interface devided into three sections:


ui no template

The top sections contains several buttons to control the application. The middle section presents the template file rendered as HTML. The bottom sections contains the copyright notice and license information.


Favored templates

This drop-down menu allows to load one of the predefined templates by selecting its name. The list of templates is configurable (see the project page at GitHub for details).


ui template


Select template

When pressing the button a standard file dialog is presented, which allows to select a local template file. After selecting an appropriate file its name is displayed left to the button and its content is rendered in the middle section of the user interface.


ui template


[ ? ]

When pressing this button optional information about the actual loaded template is displayed in a modal dialog box.


ui info



When pressing this button the HTML content including is rendered to plain text and copied to the system clipboard. The modifications of the input elements done by the user are respected.

Use the clipboard content to transfer the text to your RIS or HIS system or to put it into a wordprocessor.


copy clipboard




Download the easyrad directory of this project to either a local directory or a server directory.

Start a web browser and enter the link to the downloaded directory followed by /index.html.
Sample: If you have downloaded the files to your local computer at `C:/tmp/easyrad/` enter the following link in browser: file:///C:/tmp/easyrad/index.html. When using the software on a server the index.html may be ommitted.



Configuration and implementation details

Please referre to the project page at GitHub.